The Advantages

  • 2-head plastering machine for parallel processing of two 90° internal and external corners or two transoms/mul- lions simultaneously
  • Highly dynamic drives for short machining cycles
  • Freely programmable via 23-inch touch screen under Windows operating system
  • With graphical representation of the profile cross-sec- tions and display of the respective processing steps
  • Highly dynamic modules and intelligent control techno- logy
  • Freely programmable under Windows operating system  Tools for internal machining with linear guide technology for maximum precision
  • Processing of pointed and trapezoidal transoms (optio- nal)
  • Automatic chip removal (optional)
  • Optional additional functions such as corner and scissor bearings 30 mm, sash hinge drilling, sash faceplate etc. possible

Editing of large elements in throughfeed

Max. output quantity through the use of highly dynamic modules and intelligent control technology

Intuitive information management system (diagnostics, reporting and maintenance tool)


Unit size min. clear internal dimension 230×190 mm (WxH)
Panel size
max. 4000 x 4000 mm (WxH)
Profile construction depth
min. 30 mm
Profile construction depth
max. 130 mm (optionally up to 250 mm)
Profile face width
min. 25 mm
Profile face width max. 130 mm


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